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Hi there,

My name is Ritoban and I'll be your coach for the next 6 weeks. This journey you're about to embark on is based on a proven business model that's been tried and tested by thousands of people in India.

In 2020, I did a live YouTube challenge called Bizathon8, where I created a brand new eCommerce store in India and took it to 3 lacs revenue in one day profitably.

Bizathon8 showed the way to thousands of budding entrepreneurs in India, many of whom have scaled past 1cr per year in turnover. 

Where's The Proof Rito?

Since there are just so many screenshots (literally hundreds) shared by these amazing people, instead of dumping them here - you can watch this video or join my discord and head over to the screenshots tab.

The 6-Week Indian eCommerce Challenge is based off of Bizathon8, but better. I was contracted by Shopify to create this fantastically produced course (much better than most paid courses out there) - and we're giving it away for FREE!

Why Giving Free Rito?

Well, Shopify is the platform that we'll use to set up your eCommerce store. So if you decide to take on this challenge - I get a commission from Shopify, you get your online store on the best eCom platform for beginners, Shopify also gets a new customer (you).


Even if you don't decide to start your store after watching this course, I'm hoping you'll have learnt a ton about digital marketing, strategies, business models, and essentially be inspired to take your next steps.

What's In The Course Rito?

All I ask from you apart from your email on the next page, is your time.

Please don't enroll in the course if you don't plan on finishing through. I know your time is valuable, and that's why I've made this course with proper planning and attention to detail - zero fluff.

So even before you enroll, here's a teaser of what you're about to learn:
  • WEEK #1: Business Model & Product Research
  • WEEK #2: Complete Store Setup Tutorial
  • WEEK #3: Marketing Setup & Launching Facebook Ads
  • WEEK #4: Complete Customer Journey
  • WEEK #5: Scaling Winning Products
  • WEEK #6: The Move To Branding
  • SUBTITLES: Both Hindi and English subtitles available
  • COURSE LENGTH: 2+ Hours
Also, before you begin its important to note a couple things. 

1. Investment: Since you're setting up a business, you will need to invest your money in it. No, I'm not asking for your money. This is money that YOU are putting in YOUR business - mainly Shopify subscription fees, product inventory, and advertising. We recommend a minimum starting budget of about Rs. 20,000 to really give this a shot at working.

2. Company Formation: If you don't have your own company yet, I'll give you the basics about starting your company and getting a GST number in the first week. All that's crucial as you keep growing.

All good so far?

All right then my friend, its time to get started...
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Yes Rito, I promise to finish the course and follow along your instructions to build my own eCommerce business
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